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Our Mission is to add value to our customers' operations with an emphasis on professionalism, safety, quality and continuous improvement.


Superior and advanced services and technology with fast transportation.


To be committed to the health , safety and environment standards of the industry and those touched by our service.


Adhere to professionalism by establishing value of time and meeting operational deadlines.


Premier Oilfield Solutions Private Limited has been Incorporated in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Understand and exceed customer satisfaction and encourage ever-increasing value and responsiveness.

To Pursue continuous improvement in our processes and procedures to reflect in our services delivery

Main Services

An oil platform is a large structure with facilities to drill wells to extract and process oil and natural gas. The platform may be fixed to the ocean floor, may be an artificial island, or may be made to float. Welding equipment to fuse metals using various cutting, gouging and welding processes on pipelines, rigs, plants and facilities. They join or sever metals used in the construction of beams, piping, and other metal components, and weld parts, tools, machines and equipment used in the oil and gas industry. Various types of metal objects and structures using electric arc and MIG (metal inert gas) welding techniques. Typical projects include individual parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment.

Specialized blasting, our process involves methodically preparing and coating metal surfaces to exact specifications to minimize the corrosion process and prolong the lifespan of the metal.
The application of our services decreases maintenance costs and increases the performance and longevity of elements that transport, store, refine, separate or measure natural gas or oil. We provide sandblasting, protective coating, and corrosion control of all elements on oil well location.

Fabrication, in particular modular fabrication and process skids, allows the oil and gas industry to meet its pipeline and equipment needs by quickly and efficiently delivering the products and services that the industry needs to continue functioning. Among other things modular fabrication techniques provide the following advantages:

  • Speed of Construction
  • High Safety and Quality Standards


Diesel & Gas Generators (5KVA to 500 KVA)

Air Compressors & Electric Compressors

Oilfield Drilling & Completions Compounds (Copper & Non-Metallic Dope)

Rig Spares

Brine &Water Filtration Units (Cartridge& Sock Type)

500 BBL Round Storage Tank

Standard Mud Tanks

Drill Bits As Per API Standards

Surge Tanks

Acid Transporter Trailer

Standard 500 BBL Frac Tanks

Oil Country Tubular Goods As Per Api Standards

Cement Silo with Skid

Open Top Mud Tanks

FRAC Trailer Tanks 500 BBL capacity for Slurry&Acid Service

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